Premium Rince System

PRS, an accurately monitored rinse for outstanding results with zero waste.

The PRS enables to oversee every detail of the rinse cycle given the combination of the break tank, the atmospheric boiler and the rinse pump. Hence the dishwasher doesn’t need to rely on the network’s water pressure. In actual fact it can function perfectly well with just 1 bar.
This system guarantees:
constant temperature of 84°C throughout the entire rinse cycle avoiding mixing with cold water which occurs in traditional rinse systems;
constant output pressure from rinse nozzles and excellent rotation of the rinse arms;
optimum consumption of water and chemical products throughout the rinse cycle hence avoiding excess water and product waste;
overall sanitisation of the dishes to ensure a high level of hygiene and thorough elimination of residual detergent;
fast drying of dishes due to the stable temperature throughout the rinse cycle.