Reliable and well-functioning, the Aristarco dishwashers dedicated to Mass Market Retailers and to Cooking Centres guarantee optimal hygiene and maximum performance.

They are able to carry out wash cycles with considerable loads yet with the utmost simplicity of use.

Products range

AH 800
AH 800E
AH 1040E
AH 1240E
AH 1040E PRS
AH 1240E PRS
AH 800E ES
AH 1040E ES
AH 1240E ES
AR 1200
AR 1650
AR 2000
AR 2500
ARR 2500
AR 3000
AR 3500
AR 4000
AU 60.40E
AU-L 55.45E
AU-H 1240E PRS
AU 55-65 PRS
AU 65-65 PRS
AU 55-80 PRS
AU 125-80 PRS
AU 55-65E PRS
AU 65-65E PRS
AU 55-80E PRS
AU 125-80E PRS
AU 55-65E ES
AU 65-65E ES
AU 125-80E ES