A range of powerful, versatile and highly technological dishwashers.

An ideal solution for Bakeries and Patisseries which deal on daily basis with stubborn grime such as food-encrusted crockery resulting from baking.

Products range

AS 40.30E
AS 45.30E
AS 50.35E M
AS 50.35E
AS 60.40E
AS 60.40E H
AS 40.30E PRS
AS 45.30E PRS
AS 50.35E PRS
AS 60.40E PRS
AS 60.40E H PRS
AF 35.25
AF 38.25
AF 40.30
AF 40.30 LS
AF 45.30
AF 50.35 M
AF 50.35
AF 35.25E
AF 38.25E
AF 40.30E
AF 40.30E LS
AF 45.30E
AF 50.35E M
AF 50.35E
AF 40.30E LS PRS
AF 45.30E PRS
AF 50.35E PRS
AU 60.40E
AU-L 55.45E BP
AU-H 60.42E PRS
AU 55.65 PRS
AU 65.65 PRS
AU 55.80 PRS
AU 125.80 PRS
AU 55.65E PRS
AU 65.65E PRS
AU 55.80E PRS
AU 125.80E PRS
AU 55.65E ES
AU 65.65E ES
AU 55.80E ES
AU 125.80E ES