Dishwashers specifically for the Naval Sector, suitable to a reduced electrical voltage and to exceptional work conditions during navigation.

The ideal solution to optimise confined spaces and to guarantee the effectiveness of the washing operations.

Products range

AS 50.35E
AS 60.40E
AS 60.40E H
AS 60.40E H PRS SD
AH 1240E
AH 60.42E XL
AH 1240E PRS
AH 60.42E XL PRS
AH 1240E ES
AH 60.42E XL ES
AU 60.40E
AU 60.40E PRS SD
AU-L 55.45E PRS
AU-H 60.42E PRS
AU 55.65 PRS
AU 65.65 PRS
AU 55.80 PRS
AU 125.80 PRS
AU 55.65E PRS
AU 65.65E PRS
AU 55.80E PRS
AU 125.80E PRS
AU 55.65E ES
AU 65.65E ES
AU 55.80E ES
AU 125.80E ES