Only a great story can build a great future.
And to do so you need a solid foundation.
Like a great family.


“We are determined to broaden our horizons. The sky is the limit.”

Paolo Aristarco - Chairman

ARISTARCO stands out as a leader among the manufacturers of equipment in the Ho.Re.Ca world dedicated to wash-ware and icemakers.

For the last three generations ARISTARCO has been a benchmark to many field professionals who search for optimum performance, durability, simplicity of use and flexibility. Qualities which have given the name Aristarco international recognition, driven by a unique winning formula: a great family which bonds innovation, experience and special attention to details.
m² facilities
The Aristarco figures tell the story of an ever-evolving spirit.
A winning blend of tradition and experience combined with the visionary approach of those capable of looking to the future: advanced technologies, innovative solutions and quality testing for every single product.

Our history


ARISTARCO came into being thanks to the ingenuity of Beniamino Aristarco (“Mino” to his friends), the company’s founder and a pioneer in the bar, catering and hotel equipment sector.

It was back in the 1950s when Beniamino, a coffee machine seller, first started to manufacture bar equipment, founding his first company with his brother Ennio in 1956.
Step by step they moved towards a great future, proving how ahead of their time they were by manufacturing their first cup-washing machine.
Towards the end of the 1970s the company took on their name, reflecting their wish to grow and expand together as ARISTARCO.
In order to complete its already vast range of wash-ware equipment, the manufacture of professional icemakers then began.
Today, Aristarco, led by Paolo as Chairman and by his sons Enrico and Andrea, is among the leading companies in the Ho.Re.Ca field and offer a complete range of professional ware-washers and icemakers in order to respond to every market request.

The achievements of a great story


    A unique manufacturing process completely managed in-house by Aristarco.
    Excelling quality and safety measures at each work phase.


    An array of professional dishwashers and icemakers suited to numerous fields and to different countries; made to satisfy those expecting advanced, versatile and effective techniques and solutions.

    Aristarco addresses its products to all those who in some way or other are involved in hospitality and catering on a professional level: hotels, restaurants, bars, ice-creameries, bakeries, butchers, hospitals, schools, canteens, supermarkets, spas.

    The entire manufacturing process is carried out in-house: starting from the AISI 304 stainless steel sheets to the finished product. All stages from design to the making, take place within the Castelfranco Veneto premises, which comprise 14000 m² of operating facilities with more than 70 employees.
    A choice which has become a true distinctive company image: a modus operandi which allows for an optimal work flow and complete control of the product, therefore guaranteeing outstanding quality, manufacturing flexibility and ongoing improvement.

    From the conception of an idea to the consignment of the finished product.

    Innovation, competence and safety during each work phase of the product. By implementing the most advanced technologies, Aristarco is able to satisfy all market requests in terms of volume, features and performance.


    Research and Development

    A team of qualified technicians, state-of-the art processing and control systems as well as advanced testing and trials: consolidating technologies is at the core of our manufacturing approach in order to optimise both the function as well as the quality.


    Test laboratory

    Sophisticated tests check the performances of products or of the single components.
    This is where the prototypes designed by the R&D department are built and tested.


    Making of moulds

    Aristarco keeps its entire manufacturing process closely under control, by opting for in-house design as well as for the manufacturing of the moulds, which are required for each component.


    Laser cutting

    In the very first stage of the manufacturing process, sheet metal is cut by automatic laser cutting machines for maximum precision and greater cutting flexibility.



    Sheet metal is bent by robots and automatic panel benders guaranteeing constant high performance and long-term bending precision.


    Spot welding and welding

    The bent sheets are coupled with templates by automatic machines and robots and then spot welded. This is followed by pulsed TIG welding to permanently connect the parts.



    After the casing has been built, the various components are mounted on the 5 different production lines in the assembly phase. The functioning and electronics of the assembled machines then undergo a series of tests.



    The finished goods are then transported to a vast packaging and storage area until being dispatched.

    100% Made in Italy


    From the purchasing of raw materials to their processing; a great commitment to ensure the quality of each element.
    For years Aristarco has been committed to an attentive research and selection of materials and component suppliers within the local territory. Furthermore the entire manufacturing process is carried out in the Castelfranco Veneto premises respecting detailed assessments at each stage.
    100% Made in Italy, which acts as a genuine warranty of the highest manufacturing level for quality and reliability.



    Sustainability is a philosophy which must be respected from the beginning, in every business decision and during every business activity.
    Aristarco operates with the utmost attention towards environmental protection, firmly convinced that the market protagonists are to be essentially responsible for the respect of their surrounding territories and to boost healthy and long-term progress.
    By means of scrupulous research of the most innovative technologies, Aristarco is committed to improving the efficiency of all manufacturing procedures and to create products aimed towards saving water and energy further to reducing detergent use, in order to reach a significant reduction in energy consumption and consequently a reduced environmental impact.



    Aristarco; formally acknowledged by quality, environmental awareness and safety regulations.
    The company proudly holds a number of the most important certifications for the main international markets thereby endorsing the reliability of its products and of the manufacturing processes: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, EN 1717, WRAS, WATERMARK ATS 5200.101, DIN 10510, EAC e CE.