Of elegant appearance and with moderate dimensions, Aristarco dishwashers are ideal for Bar and Wine Bar counters.

Extremely quiet and remarkably effective in washing, including long-stemmed glasses, resulting in brilliant wash results in a short time frame.

Products range

AF 35.25
AF 38.25
AF 40.30
AF 40.30 LS
AF 45.30
AF 50.35 M
AF 50.35
AF 35.25E
AF 38.25E
AF 40.30E
AF 40.30E LS
AF 45.30E
AF 50.35E M
AF 50.35E
AF 40.30E LS PRS
AF 50.35E PRS
AS 40.30E
AS 45.30E
AS 50.35E M
AS 50.35E
AS 40.30E PRS SD
AS 50.35E PRS SD