Aristarco. We have a solid foundation: Our Family.

For the last three generations quality has been a family affair for us.

Since when Beniamino and Ennio founded the company in the 50s to the current management of Paolo and his sons Enrico and Andrea, we are among the leaders in the production of dishwashers and professional ice makers in the Ho.Re.Ca. field and a reference for those who expect everything from their work tools.

• We want them easy-to-use and versatile to be integrated into the context.
• We develop efficient tools for those who need high performance.
• We make them to last.

The winning formula: a great family which bonds innovation, experience and special attention to details, but above all, a family of visionaries who look to the future: advanced technologies, innovative solutions and quality testing on each product.
One can inherit a company, but not a brand. You have to deserve a brand, just like you deserve a name: it really passes from father to son only when the new generations take the same commitment in the company’s values.

This is why we have given the company our name since the 70s: the others are simple family companies but our company is a family.